I have very much enjoyed and have learnt heaps throughout this liberating course, also being with the other pupils having their support and company…
Kathy’s background qualifications and experience in Occupational Therapy is a vital advantage and she recognises early on if a student is having difficulties with anything and handles with careful skill. 

Siobhan, 2018

I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it - more than I even thought! I have experience of yoga and meditation and wondered if there were new things to learn - yes there were - the two combined were a real force for good, a heap of possibilities opened up to me… I have never felt so simultaneously empowered and at peace, than in the understanding of the relationship of my own mind and body, brought to me through practise on this course.

Anonymous, 2018

Although nervous at first, I feel very glad that I took part in this course. The difference in me between the beginning and now is remarkable, especially with my reaction to emotional feelings. The variety of meditation, asanas, breathing techniques and mindset ensured my interest was kept right through the eight sessions. 

Katy, 2018